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RIDE Bike Registration

What is R.ID.E?

It's a free and easy way to protect your bicycle.


your bike with Transportation Services:

  • on-line with our registration form
  • at Transportation Services in 228 Commons Hall
  • at the Bike Cave located at 100 Colorado
  • at special events on the Quad (i.e., Bike to School Day)

Registered bikes are more likely to be recovered if stolen, and returned if lost or abandoned.


  • the serial numbers of your bicycle write it down in a safe, accessible place.
  • your bicycle specifically and in detail. Do you have specific types of parts? Are there scratches, chipped paint, etc.?
  • a safe, well-lit, high-traffic area to secure your bicycle.
  • any suspicious activity or persons in or around the bicycle racks. Do not approach a person who may be attempting to steal a bike; call UPD at 512.245.8336


  • yourself on the laws of the road for bicycles.
  • yourself on how to secure your bicycle properly.
  • yourself on the basic mechanics of your bicycle.
  • yourself on safe routes around the city and campus.
  • yourself on basic bicycle safety.